Saudi health ministry to launch medical conference

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The Saudi Ministry of Health will hold the fourth International Conference for Mass Gatherings Medicine in Jeddah between Dec. 10 and 13.


The ministry said that the conference, which will be held under the title “Model Mass Gatherings Health Care,” aims to produce a global framework after reviewing the best practices and scientific developments in the field.


According to the ministry, the conference will have a wide participation of experts and scientists from over 30 countries as well as many international organizations and institutions.


The conference is an opportunity for the Kingdom to showcase its experience during the Hajj seasons, which is a unique experience in managing more than 3 million pilgrims from around the world. Saudi Arabia will also showcase the cultural, entertainment and political events it professionally and competently hosted.


The Kingdom is making efforts to boost its health care services, which is an important part of its Vision 2030 program.


In September, the Health Ministry announced regulatory changes to issuing licenses for private health facilities, including hospitals, medical complexes, support centers and laboratories.


The announcement came during the Global Health Exhibition 2019 in Riyadh.



Makkah Investment will lead China's large medical management institutions and medical device manufacturer to Saudi. During this reform, Makkah Investment will provide supporting services to boost Saudi's healthcare development and share the dividends of this reform. 

麦加投资将带领中国的大型医疗管理机构以及医疗设备制造商进入沙特, 在此轮医疗改革中为促进沙特卫生保健的发展提供支持并分享改革红利。


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