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Sudanese Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok met with Saudi business owners on Monday at the headquarters of the Council of Saudi Chambers (CSC).
苏丹总理Abdalla Hamdok于星期一在沙特商会理事会(CSC)总部会见了沙特阿拉伯企业主们。


The meeting was attended by Saudi Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture Abdulrahman Al-Fadhli, Saudi Minister of State for African Affairs Ahmed Qattan, Sudanese Minister of Finance Ibrahim Al-Badawi, Sudanese Minister of Industry and Trade Madani Abbas, CSC Chairman Sami Al-Obaidi, Saudi Ambassador to Sudan Ali Jafar, Sudanese Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Abdul Azim Al-Karouri and executives of major Saudi companies.
沙特阿拉伯环境、水及农业部部长 Abdulrahman Al-Fadhli,沙特阿拉伯非洲事务国务大臣Ahmed Qattan,苏丹财务部部长Ibrahim Al-Badawi,苏丹工业与贸易部部长Madani Abbas,CSC主席Sami Al-Obaidi,沙特驻苏丹大使Ali Jafar,
 苏丹驻沙特大使Abdul Azim Al-Karouri以及沙特阿拉伯大型企业高管等出席了本次会议。


Hamdok praised the strategic relations between Saudi Arabia and Sudan. He thanked King Salman and the government for their keenness to ensure that Saudi-Sudanese relations are at the best level and that trade increases. “We look forward to cooperating with Saudi Arabia in the fields of agriculture, industry, services, infrastructure and energy.” The prime minister stressed that Saudi investors are ambassadors, and the success of their businesses will reflect a bright image and increase the confidence of international investors in Sudan. Hamdok announced that a Saudi-Sudanese economic forum will be held to discuss promising investment opportunities and increase cooperation between the two countries.

Hamdok对沙特阿拉伯和苏丹之间的战略关系表示赞赏。他感谢萨尔曼国王和政府为确保沙特与苏丹的关系处于最佳水平,以及促进贸易增长而做出的积极努力。苏丹总理称:“我们期待与沙特阿拉伯在农业、工业、服务、基础设施和能源等领域展开合作。” 他强调,沙特投资者是大使,他们企业的成功将反映出苏丹正面的形象并增加国际投资者对苏丹的信心。Hamdok宣布将在之后举行沙特-苏丹经济论坛,讨论有前景的投资机会,并加强两国间的合作。

Al-Fadhli said that the Kingdom and Sudan have capabilities and resources that can provide promising investment opportunities in many economic sectors. “We are counting on the role of the private sector to maximize the gains and provide solutions to the obstacles that prevent the depletion of goods, services and investments between the two countries so that government agencies can overcome them,” he said.



The chairman of the CSC stressed that relations have developed in the fields of trade and investment, pointing out that the volume of reciprocal trade stood at about SR4.6 billion ($1.2 billion) in 2018, making Sudan the Kingdom’s seventh most important Arab trading partner.Al-Obaidi said: “Saudi investments in Sudan have grown considerably over the past years, with the service sector accounting for the highest proportion of these investments at 49.5 percent, followed by the agricultural sector at 32.5 percent and the industry sector accounting for 28 percent.”


Al-Badawi said the single-window system for investors and the unified federal tax system will be implemented soon to avoid conflicts between Sudan and other nations. Al-Badawi added that the build-operate-transfer system is the appropriate investment system for Sudan in the field of infrastructure projects.



Abbas said that Saudi investors have greater experience and their proposed solutions to investment obstacles in Sudan are in line with the country’s Emergency Economic Recovery Plan.



This meeting is a microcosm of the Sudanese government's policy of actively seeking foreign investment as the situations in Sudan stabilizes. The minister of energy and mining of Sudan told Makkah Investment that his ministry hopes to establish a partnership with large gold mining companies which have the ability to dig underground gold mines and to set up a gold refinery together. The ministry will provide all facilities for this purpose.



A division of Makkah Investment (Sudan Investment Development Company) will help these companies to enter this field.

麦加投资旗下的苏丹投资发展公司(Sudan Investment Development Company) 将帮助广大企业进入该领域。


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